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Jim Hales(Qld), Peter Flanigan(WA), Rhonda Weston(Qld), Diane Delchau(Online), Elsie Mutton(Vic),
and Allan Haggarty(NSW) with the new U3AAA logo in the background

Alliance Chair
U3A Network Queensland
ulie Porteous


The U3AAA was formed in 2010 to enable Australian based U3A organisations to further the movementís interests and provide an opportunity to utilise accumulated knowledge and experience at a national level.

Operating under a Memorandum of Understanding with a rotating Chair agreement, most state and territorial organisations plus U3A Online are represented. Our aim is to encourage all Australian U3As representational bodies to participate in our allegiance to enhance recognition of the outstanding value represented by our mutual learning concept and the resultant opportunities we represent for the expanding seniors sector.

Rhonda Weston, former U3AAA Chair, confirmed the agreement reached with Odyssey Travel under which they will sponsor the Alliance for three years in return for space in our newsletter.

They also agreed to sponsor the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance conference which U3A Queensland hosted in 2015.

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